Currently Offered Products For Model Year 1932
We will constantly be adding to this section so please check back often.
This is the Goldman 1932 Ford Vicky We are proud to offer the first ever decal designed for the 1932 Ford Vicky Kit This ground breaking kit was introduced in the early 60s by the AMT Corporation and has been reissued may times since. You can build this Great looking and strong running 32 Vicky using any of those kits and our decal number RL-2357 and as a bonus this is one of our "2 on 1" decals you will also have the decals for The Black 1963 Ford from Bob Ford and Driven by Len Richter.

Here we have our latest "Local Legends" sheet this is a "3 on 1" decal all for 1932 Fords the 32 Fords are all legendary in the auto industry these longtime legends have been racing 1/4 mile tracks for many years. The decals here are for 3 great cars 2 Vicky's and a 5 window. Just order sheet number RL-5723

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